“Trust your signs,
know that your deceased loved ones
not only hear you,

but also ANSWER you – ALL the time.”

Experience a private reading.  You will see the before, during and after a private session. Watch below.

Deborah was born in Brooklyn, NY and is now a mother of three (very active) Cave boys.  She lives in Wallkill, NY and has recently merged with her first mate, GK and his two children!  It’s now a FULL HOUSE, and Deborah can’t be happier!  Chaos, peace, love and hard work fill their home.

Deborah attributes most of her ability to events early on in her life, mainly the illness and death of her four year old brother, Christopher, when she was only three.  Deborah believes that it was because she was so young and still so open that she knew very early on that her brother did not “die” as everyone else saw it.  Somewhere in her little mind and heart she knew Christopher was always still around.

It was this event that made her question reality, death, life, religion and physics from a very young age.  At age 12, after reading an article about an unborn baby in Time magazine, information regarding life and the nature of time was suddenly revealed to her.  She spoke of the past, present and future as being “One” – that essentially there was “no time”, other than that created in our minds.  We are much smaller and seemingly insignificant than we can ever know, yet so immense and powerful at the same time.  This was the beginning of a new era for Deborah’s thirst for knowledge and knowing…. She has never stopped seeking for answers…

“Trust your signs, know that your deceased loved ones not only hear you, but also ANSWER you – ALL the time.”

Living + Learning + Teaching = Evolving

Deborah finds the most rewarding part of her profession is to teach others to realize the conversations they have been having with the people they miss the most – have been REAL and are not a figment of their imagination.

You have all experienced LIFE… some of it has been good and easy.  Some of it, has not.  Deborah has a unique method of guiding you through your STUFF!  She will most certainly keep it real, authentic, and yet won’t stop at pushing those parts of you that need to be tweaked. You can’t ‘hide’ from an intuitive. She feels WAY too much stuff..