Please allow at least 9 – 12 months in between appointments!

Check back here for updates and details.

Deborah’s 1:1 mediumship sessions are currently booked. There are available appointments for 1:1, Insight Guidance coaching and Group Mediumship ZOOM sessions.  To inquire and schedule, email us at:


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*Feel free to check back for rare cancellations*
*Note that Albany appointments will be on hold until further notice while we look into alternate arrangements in that area*

Please read below for a few reminders!

We do have set times now for 60 minute ($325.00) phone sessions in order to maximize Deborah’s day.  Private appointments are intended to be a one on one session.  One (1) family member (relative only) can still join in on an appointment at no additional charge.

One (1) 60 minute appointment cannot be split into two (2) 30 minute sessions.  If you wish to schedule a 30 minute session, please wait until one becomes available.

We do not maintain a waiting or cancellation list of any sort.  However there is always the slight possibility of a cancellation happening during the month and an appointment opening up.

Your consideration and cooperation is very much appreciated ending your session timely so Deborah can stay on schedule.

Additional Requests – Please indicate in this area if you are using a Gift Certificate.

Please note the Gift Certificate number and your deposit will be refunded.

All appointments must be booked in the name of the person who will be attending the session with their email address.

We want to keep an accurate customer history for future reference and promos!

To give Deborah the ability to help as many people as possible with her limited schedule, everyone is asked to wait at least 9 – 12 months before booking another appointment.  Appointments booked before the recommended wait time will be cancelled and any monies paid refunded.

Thank you so very much for your patience, continued patronage and referrals.

REMINDER – Individual sessions with Deborah are intended to be a One on One session.
However you may bring one (1) family member at no additional charge (60 Minute Session is Strongly Suggested.)


Deborah needs at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation to be able to re-book an appointment.  If less notice is given, the $50 deposit fee is non refundable.

While Deborah understands things do come up unexpectedly and is sensitive to that need, she asks that if you find yourself needing to cancel due to last minute nerves and overwhelming anxiety, please call her ahead of time to discuss. Most times it is a natural emotion and can be resolved.  Sometimes the anxiety is too much to bear for some people and it is best to reschedule.  After talking with Deborah, both of you will know what is best.  Remember, it is completely NORMAL to be very nervous on the day of your appointment!

Deborah is best reached by email at    And please don’t forget to look up “Intuitive Medium Deborah” on Facebook!