2021 Virtual Guided Meditation Monthly Subscription Membership

2021 Virtual Guided Meditation Monthly Subscription Membership

$40.00 for 1 month


Are you feeling Anxious? Stuck? Not clear? Do you need some stability and accountability? By now, we have all realized how little we can ‘control’.

The only True Moment of peace, stability, certainty, health, and love, is THE PRESENT MOMENT. Right now, as you read these words, THIS IS THE MOMENT of “Truth”. Whatever the now is, is what IS! Please let me help YOU learn how to access this within yourself, ALL THE TIME.

THIS IS what I am so passionate about! Teaching so you can LIVE a life that feels best for you! LET ME HELP YOU COME BACK TO YOUR TRUE SELF. Follow through on the promises you are making to yourself. All you need to do is SHOW UP for yourself. No matter where you are emotionally ‘at’, MEDITATION is THE PRACTICE that you have been seeking!

Show up LIVE with me, every Sunday night at 8:00pm (EST) on Zoom OR watch the recorded version anytime you wish! I am offering a Meditation Membership package for the remainder of 2021 in HOPES that you take this opportunity to work with me to HELP YOU!

Want specific goals attained? Meditate. Want to stay motivated? Meditate. Want to achieve better health? Meditate. Want to know how to help your children? Meditate. Want to be a better partner? Meditate. Want clarity? Meditate. Want to be able to access inner peace and balance? Meditate. Want to be inspired? Meditate. Want to reduce anxiety? Meditate. Want to feel empowered? Meditate Want to be helpful to others? Meditate. Want to know your purpose? Meditate. Want to connect with Your Loved ones who have passed? Meditate.

Meditate EVERY Sunday evening through the end of the year for $40 a month! It’s a monthly subscription and HUGE savings or pay $20.00 a class*.

No Meditation on October 31, 2021

*VGM monthly is $75.00. If you cancel your subscription before the end of the promotion, you will be required to pay the difference of $35.00 for each month enrolled / participated.