Deborah Hanlon’s Intuitive Coaching ~ Crown / Sahasrara! 7 Paths to Personal Illumination!

Deborah Hanlon’s Intuitive Coaching ~ Crown / Sahasrara! 7 Paths to Personal Illumination!



Thank you for registering for Deborah Hanlon’s Intuitive Coaching ~ Crown / Sahasrara!  7 Paths to Personal Illumination!  

Crown / Sahasrara ~ Go Beyond Your Limits | Zero Point! ~ with this Intuitive Coaching Course you will receive ALL OF ROOT, SACRAL, SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART, THROAT, THIRD EYE plus ~ (limited to 5 people)

*45 min private/Individual weekly call/zoom
*Regular weekly Email Exchange.
*Personalized Guided Meditation/ Motivational Recording!
*Surprise Thank you Gift

Third Eye: * 30 minute weekly 1 to 1 call/zoom w/ Deborah * Attendance to 1 Online Gallery per month

Throat:  * 45 min Additional Private Group Zoom (2x’s/mo) * Gift a friend ONE month of Online Meditation (NEW clients only…not currently enrolled in Deborah’s workshops) * 1 -30 Min call/Zoom/ per month with Deborah to refine goals.

Heart: * “I am” Mantra/Affirmations Workshop (1 hour) * (What is a Mantra and how/why do they work?) * Vision Board Workshop (1 hour) (What IS a Vision board and how/why do I make one? )
* 3 Zoom Check in Group Meetings (once per month)

Solar Plexus:  *Chakra Workshop (1 hour) 1 Live/ or Recorded Chakra Clearing Meditation on Zoom

Sacral: * Monthly Meditation Subscription (Receive/attend 12 Zoom meditations, live or recorded!)

Root:  *Membership to Private FB Coaching Community * Weekly 45 min Zoom Motivation meetings * Access to weekly postings of Journal Prompts, Reflections, Meditations, Music, etc * Video postings from Deborah with Motivational, funny, “NOTICE HOW’ Anecdotes , etc! * 1 Hour ‘Setting Goals workshop’ * Regular Inspirational Reminders*Community Support/ Connection/Accountability * Informational posts of trends in Personal development, music, fun and useful products * Learn how to Develop Personal Goals*Pay it Forward / Positivity Sharing weekly!

$500 /week x 3 months (12 weeks) + $75 Signup fee
$6075 for 3 MONTHS!

Cost of Course:  $6075 or Payment Plan – $6095:  2 payments – $3050 + $3045/ 3 Payments – $2030+ 2030+ 2030 ~ If you choose to do the payment plan, please email Michelle at info@beingknowingdoing.com to make arrangements, do not pay through this portal, thank you!