“Why won’t they answer me when I ask for signs?”

The answer to that is – THEY ANSWER US ALL THE TIME and make their presence known all the time.  It is US who fail to see them. When you ask them for a “sign” you will get your answer 100% of the time!  Sometimes we DO see the sign and then attribute it to coincidence.  NO!  We must trust ourselves.  This is the only way you can get a conversation with your loved ones started.  THIS IS YOUR SIGN.  Believe them.

“Where are they?”

I know this is hard to grasp and believe, especially when you are in mourning, but they are everywhere.  It is just like air, it can be many places all at once, we never see it, but we do know it is there.  In physics there is a law that states that ‘nothing can be created or destroyed’; everything that is, always was and always will be!  We all possess a ‘soul’ a ‘spirit’ ‘Atman’ ‘energy’ whatever you want to call it, that is within us.  It is the essence of who we are – the part of God, the Universal energy that came into our bodies to experience a certain aspect of itself.  We are the manifestation of God itself. So when we die, our soul returns to the ‘source’ – the Universal Source of Knowingness, of Energy.

This source allows us to be present in those here on the ‘earthly’ plane and know what is going on even though we don’t ‘see’ them.

“Why can’t we see them?”

The funny thing is that we really can see them.  They have shown up in photographs, on video screens, audio tapes, etc. Sometimes, when you see something out of the corner of your eye and you just ‘know’ it was a person – that was them! Other times, we (including myself!) are choosing not to see them.  If you ask to see them, you will!  We have been trained in our culture to follow the ‘logic of our minds’, so when someone dies, we THINK we are no longer able to see them. However, the essence of who we are NEVER ever dies, and so the substance that makes us who we are is never really gone either.  Our brains are wired to understand and process images that make ‘sense’, so when we do ‘see’ someone who has passed on, our logical mind ‘kicks’ in and tells us, it isn’t possible. But remember – it IS possible!  This is why young children are considered very psychic!  They have not developed enough ‘logic’ to override their intuition!  I believe it is never too late to get that back.  There is a ‘switch’ inside us, and when we are ready to turn the Intuitive switch back on, we will begin to see and understand the world in a whole new light!!  Very exciting!

“Are they OK?”

This question ALWAYS baffles me – I want everyone to know that all of your loved ones are OK.  They have returned to the source and are very happy.  Sometimes they admit frustration in us for either not seeing their signs, or for not following through with our life’s plan after their death.

They want all of us to know they are around us; talk to them frequently, and enjoy YOUR life.  No guilt.  No sadness.  No anger.  They now have pure unconditional love for us – more than ever before.

“Do they know ‘so and so’ who wasn’t born while they were alive?”

Yes!!  In fact, they probably ‘met’ the child before YOU did!  Remember, we all come from the same place that we are going to – so yes.  They made sure the RIGHT child came to you. T here is a very deep connection to the children – always.

“Are they upset with me?”  I wish the passing of my relative didn’t happen.  I wish there was something I could have done to prevent it.”

I have come to learn that we die exactly when we are ‘supposed’ to in order to fulfill our agreement of learning our lifes’ lessons.  If a death is MEANT to be prevented, and is meant NOT to happen, it won’t.  Everything aligns itself in the Universe perfectly all the time.  Including the very moment of our passing.  It is all in a perfect rhythm and balance.  It explains why a person (true story – google Michael Holmes and Skydiving!) jumps out of an airplane from 13,500 feet, his main and reserve parachutes do not open AND,  get this, he STILL LIVES with minimal injuries.  This does NOT make sense!!  How can someone FREE FALL to the EARTH from 2 miles above it and does not die?  It simply, was NOT his time to go!  And yet, you hear of others who merely TRIP over their own feet, and pass on.  It was their time.  We must remember, the Universe is perfect.. in ALL that it creates.. NOT easy to believe..but we are all better off when we realize this.

“Are our lives and all the events in it predetermined?”

Yes!  We all came to this planet to experience ourselves!  There are ‘lessons’ we are here for to enrich our experience.  It is up to us to be Conscious enough to recognize what our ‘lessons’ are AND with that comes the POWER to CHOOSE HOW WE LEARN THAT LESSON!!  Our overall lessons are pre-programmed, the way we LEARN them is not!  This is why the power of positive thinking, and stating positive affirmations is so important.  Example – If one of our lessons in this lifetime has to do with ‘lack’ – a belief that we do not have enough’, experiences of ‘lack’ will KEEP SHOWING UP UNTIL we recognize it and CHANGE our THINKING about it.  If we BELIEVE we don’t have enough, then THAT will always be our experience.  IF we stop focusing on ‘lack’, and start to affirm in our thinking, statements that affirm “There is enough to go around”, “I am taken care of effortlessly”, “ I always have what I need and more”, “There is no limit to what I can have in my life”. ..etc.  Once you change your thinking, you will change your experience!  AND you will have Mastered one of your lessons on this planet!  Awesome, right? 🙂

“What happens when we die?  Are we upset to leave our bodies?  Are we aware of that?”

When we pass on, we go through a ‘purifying’ process.  In the process when our soul recognizes that we are NOT our bodies.  We are a spiritual being that was temporarily stored in a particular body to be able to EXPERIENCE ourselves. When we pass on, the awareness of our TRUE Self, our ‘Soul’, is a liberating and freeing event!  We finally have the opportunity to REALLY KNOW and understand what ALL the events in our lives were teaching us.  We experience gratitude and compassion for everyone and everything that has occurred in our lives.  We finally understand we were living out experiences that we ASKED for (‘good’ AND ‘bad’) in order to LEARN and EXPERIENCE.

“Is there such thing as negative spirits?”

I do not believe in negative, angry spirits.  I don’t believe spirits get ‘stuck’ in ‘limbo’ and can’t find their way to the ‘light’. I have not witnessed this in ANY of my 2,000+ readings so far!  I do believe the ‘negative’ energy is here on earth – and it comes from US!  Once we pass, I believe we go through a ‘cleansing’ process that allows us to ‘see’ and understand with compassion and love what our roles and lessons on earth were all about.  We take this knowledge with us into our next lifetime.  We are constantly reborn to perfect our soul’s experiences and evolution.  It is about time we realize how wonderful our experiences are without any judgement on them! Enjoy it!

“When children die, do they age on the other side?”

There is no such thing as ‘aging’ on “The Other Side”.  The process of a beginning, middle and end is a concept of the human mind because we are a part of that concept.  Humans’ bodies are born, age and then die.  This happens in all of nature.  However, we must keep in mind of the essence of who we are.  We are ‘spirit’, or consciousness – we do not have ‘form’ in the after life, and only ‘forms’ can cease to be.  So, when children come through, they come in many ages.  Their messages can be both child-like and yet extraordinarily wise at the same time!

“What do I Do NOW?”

NOTHING creates a change in your life like experiencing the death of a loved one.  It’s traumatic and no one likes it.   There’s no way around it –  Death hurts.  We are left behind grieving in deep and personal ways.  We often feel alone.  We often feel angry.   We often don’t know where to go or what to DO with ourselves.  We want to heal.  We want to be happy again.  But Grief is a mountain that must be climbed –  I can absolutely help you climb.  I can celebrate YOU when you reach the top and I can help you traverse your next journeys.  It’s what life is about.  It’s not fun.  I can promise you that, but there are going to be such amazing moments during our ascension.  It’ll be worth it when you get to the top.  We are humans.  We help each other.  We carry each other.  We push each other.  It’s what we are meant to do.  Right now, let me take my turn in supporting you.  Someday, roles will get reversed, and you will be the one helping another human.