Virtual Guided Meditation with Deborah Hanlon

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Join Deborah Hanlon on a Virtual journey to gain clarity, healing, strength and loving energy through Guided Meditation on Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 7:30pm. $10.00 for the session and you’ll receive your Virtual instructions upon payment completion. PLEASE check your email….in-box, junk, spam, promotions, etc….depending on your email server. You WILL receive instructions. Also, we ask that you establish


‘I Am Mantra Affirmations’ Workshop with Deborah Hanlon

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Join Deborah Hanlon for her 'I Am Mantra Affirmations' Workshop!  What is a Mantra / Affirmation?  Why should we do them and how do they work?  Create a daily mantra designed to support you! This 90 Minute Workshop will take place on zoom.us.  Virtual instructions will be sent via email upon payment completion. Please check your inbox, junk, spam, promotions