New Year’s Personalized INTUITIVE MESSAGES from DEBORAH!

Want to get some insight on 2022?!  Message me and I’ll tune into your energy field and see what I can pick up!  Receive your response in an EMAIL (SOLD OUT) or VIDEO message from me! 🌟 IF you have an specific areas of your life you would like some insight on (career, relationships, children, health, finances, etc!) 🌟 IF

$125.00 – $175.00

Virtual Guided Meditation

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Join me on a virtual journey to gain clarity, healing, strength and loving energy through Guided Meditation, tonight, beginning at 8:00pm.   I am so excited to assist you in opening up to that still space within YOU that will energize and support you whenever you are feeling a bit out of sorts. It’s $20.00 for the session and you’ll receive


January * Virtual Guided Meditation Monthly Membership

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Join me on Sunday evenings in October for Virtual Guided Meditation and save!   It’s simple, pay one price of $75.00 and each week, you’ll receive the virtual instructions to join me on Sunday evenings via zoom.us, at 8:00pm EST. Virtual Guided Meditation, is your weekly journey with me to help you gain clarity on your decisions, a place to gain