Intuitive Coaching with Deborah Hanlon; Winter 2020*

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I'm offering my Intuitive Coaching Workshops through the end of 2020, where you'll have an opportunity to work on yourself through my teaching and Intuitive guidance. Each workshop can be taken independently from each other, it's not required to take all four, but if you do, you'll save! Sunday, November 22, 2020 from 8:00am - 9:00am the course is 'Gratitude'. 


Intuitive Coaching with Deborah Hanlon ~ Gratitude

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What is it about being GRATEFUL that helps us? Join me to realign yourself with the energy of GRATITUDE and learn a little more about it to help YOU dig deeper into it. What is it?  Why is it important? What happens if I don’t feel it right now? How can I feel grateful if everything is crashing down on


Virtual Guided Meditation with Deborah Hanlon

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Join Deborah Hanlon on a Virtual journey to gain clarity, healing, strength and loving energy through Guided Meditation beginning at 7:30pm. $15.00 for the session and you’ll receive your Virtual instructions upon payment completion. PLEASE check your email….in-box, junk, spam, promotions, etc….depending on your email server. You WILL receive instructions. Also, we ask that you establish a connection to zoom.us,