POSTPONED ~ Anne Quinn Workshop ~ ‘So You Want to Give a Workshop!’

The Center for Being, Knowing, Doing 372 Fullerton Avenue, Suite 6, Newburgh

Join Anne Quinn at The Center for Being Knowing Doing for 'So You Want to Give a Workshop!'  There is a formula involved in working with audiences, large or small. Your topic can be cooking, financial planning, real estate, motorcycle maintenance, it doesn't matter. The formula remains the SAME. It stretches like a rubber band from a 45 minute keynote


Virtual Guided Meditation with Deborah Hanlon

Your House

Join Deborah Hanlon on a Virtual journey to gain clarity, healing, strength and loving energy through Guided Meditation on Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 7:30pm. $10.00 for the session and you’ll receive your Virtual instructions upon payment completion. PLEASE check your email….in-box, junk, spam, promotions, etc….depending on your email server. You WILL receive instructions. Also, we ask that you establish