In The Moment with Deborah Hanlon on Q92

iHeartMedia of the Hudson Valley 20 Tucker Drive, Poughkeepsie

Join Deborah Hanlon this Saturday morning from 8:00am – 9:00am on Q92 / 92.1 for “In The Moment With Deborah Hanlon”. Whether you attend a gallery, guided meditation or a private session, you will feel comfort, peace and hope in a calm, relaxed and non-judgmental manner. Learn to trust your own intuition with your loved ones. Continue your ‘conversations’ with

Own Your Power! Workshop

The Center for Being, Knowing, Doing 372 Fullerton Avenue, Suite 6, Newburgh

Do you feel powerful?!!  You are, beyond measure, BUT we still feel weak, we doubt our worth and our abilities!  Let's get this power back or grow what you have!  Join experts Keryl Pesce and Jennifer Cassetta and claim the power and confidence back, that belongs to YOU!!!