Private Group Sessions

Worried about coming alone to a session? Do you have more people who want to attend a session with Deborah? Then scheduling a Private Group sessions is the way to go! These are for groups of 5 or 10 people interested in having more than just one family member present during a session. This is your groups’ time to share the validations and connections with your Loved Ones.  Deborah still recommends having family only, but friends can be included as well.  Remember, the more people you have in attendance, the more energies can come through!  Keeping it close family/friends helps insure the ‘right’ energies come through to your group!

An ADDED Bonus to scheduling a group session is these are PERSONALLY  scheduled by Deborah’s office. (in accordance with Deborah’s schedule, Sunday-Wednesdays only) But you do not have to go online and ‘wait’ for a session.  You are guaranteed to get a time for your group!

Groups consisted of 5 people and up to 10 for a one hour session!  No exceptions.

Private One-on-One Sessions - Mediumship

Deborah is in GREAT demand these days!  Sessions are not easily available, but when you are fortunate enough to schedule time with her,  you KNOW the Universe has placed you in the right place at the right time!  A private one on one session is an OPPORTUNITY for you to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. Deborah will give you the validation and certainty that yes, YOUR loved ones are still very much Present in your life. They are witnessing current events , celebrations, highs and Lows. Closure is gained and a level of peace is restored with in you.

Two person maximum, must be family. No exceptions.

Deborah also conducts  Insight Guidance  support.  These sessions, while are over seen or guided by loved ones’ input, Deborah also uses her unique and keen insights into YOUR ENERGY Field to help you meander through some difficult life decisions, or when  you silly are feeling ‘stuck’ IN life. Deborah somehow ‘see’s where you are stuck and CAN help you upgrade your life’s experiences!

You want to know if your relationship is “the one”? If you are brave, ASK Deborah! Want to find out if you will ever get married? Ask her! – head’s up,  she’s gonna tell you NOT to do it! ;).  Then she ’s going to be serious and feel her way through your question!

Want to know what career choice is best for you, your spouse or your children? Go ahead, ask her!

There’s more to her insight that you anticipate as well!

Ask an intuitive question for yourself, or find out about the secrets of energy that help YOU live more authentically!

Want to understand why you keep repeating the same patterns in your current life?

All sessions are recorded so you can refer back to them over time.  The sessions’ value does not end as you walk out her peaceful office door, but rather, you keep discovering more insight, signs (Deborah calls these ‘winks’)  and validations as time goes on!


Galleries are a fun experience where you can witness Deborah working in a whimsical and compassionate way with audience members.  Some Galleries include a dinner, some do not.   Not everyone in attendance of a gallery receives a reading, BUT Deborah does keep the audience entertained and intrigued with her sharp with and sense of humor. She shares her realistic views on the afterlife and is passionate about empowering others to see the signs and make your own connections with your loved ones! These are events that can’t be fully explained,  you simply have to go and witness it yourself!   You will laugh, you will cry.. you will be in awe!  <3

Super Galleries

Super Galleries are a WHOLE new venture for Deborah!

Join these mega events where there’s a little bit of everything – messages from the other side,  informational sessions about Energy and how it affects us, and question and answer periods! Be prepared to walk away from a Super Gallery with a shift in your own awareness about not only life after death, but about LIFE itself and How YOU can maximize YOUR time here on earth!  Stay tuned, you will NOT want to miss these!

Workshops / Webinars Opportunities

Deborah’s passion is TEACHING people how to connect with not only their loved ones, but to reconnect to YOURSELVES!  She is elated when  people after taking her workshops follow up with “I never thought it was possible for me to move on in my life”  Or “wasn’t expecting such a simple tweak in my awareness would change so much!”  Workshops are plenty, but are also in HIGH DEMAND.  Take a course at her Center life in person, or attend online!

Deborah seems to have a way of RE-ENERGIZING people just through her presence alone.   She’s a grounded REALIST who understands life is NOT all about Fairies and popcorn – there are moments where we feel just wrecked by life, and incapable of finding our way.  Sometimes, we just don’t have it in us to TRUST the Universe. Sometimes, we are feeling beyond broken, and THAT is when Deborah loves to step in and shake things up with you!  The Physical Universe is a space of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES and NOT a place that enjoys stagnation! Things change, when we MAKE A CHANGE.  Allow Deborah to help you DO THIS!


Just being around Deborah makes me feel more optimistic about my possibilities. She seems to just ‘know’ where I am at and how to help me see for myself where I am ‘stuck’.

Want some real quality time with Deborah?  GO ON RETREAT with her!

These super courageous get-aways will help you replenish your spirit and go beyond this realm of YOU.   Take time too relax, explore new spaces, meditate, make friendships you never thought you would have, set new goals for yourself and MUCH more. Learn things about yourself, CREATE a new vision or reconnect to your own spirit!

Intuitive Life Coaching Opportunities


Sign up now by filling out the following questionnaire if you are interested in working one on one in an intense and personal relationship with Deborah!  By filling out this questionnaire, Deborah will see if you are the right client she can work with!

This  Intuitive Life Coaching (ITC) is where you work on Key aspects of your life along with  Deborah’s guidance for 4, 6 or 8 one on one  sessions, (and may include additional group workshops depending on your goals!)

There is a limited number of clients Deborah will take on for this endeavor! Are YOU ready? Are you serious about making changes and upgrading your awareness?  Sign up below!


Scheduling and Other Stuff!

Scheduling an Appointment All appointments must be scheduled online. Click here to set up your session today!  A “Session not available” message means there are no open appointments at this time but please try again. Contact or 845-784-5390 for more details if necessary. PAYMENT IS REQUIRED WHEN APPOINTMENT IS BOOKED!! Refer to your confirmation email for instructions.

Stay in Touch! – Sign up for Deborah’s emails by entering your name and email address below!  You may also opt to be reminded of her upcoming events and classes by receiving text messages sent directly to your mobile phone! See the Follow Me icons on the top right!

All services are for entertainment purposes only. While she has been able to successfully assist people through tragic and painful losses, she encourages anyone who is having a particularly hard time to see a mental health physician immediately. Deborah is supportive to all her clients who want to go through the process of grief and are ready for closure.