Intuitive Life Coaching

The newest addition to Deborah’s offerings and services is the one she’s most passionate about:  Intuitive Life Coaching.

This intensive program is designed to help you shape key aspects of your life and get you on the path to your true self.  Make serious and meaningful adjustments in your life by deepening your understanding of yourself, often from a molecular level!  Backed by Deborah’s intuitive gift, you will be guided on a personal journey to living the best life possible.

None of us were given a set of instructions on how to live peaceful, mindful lives.  You could consider Intuitive Life Coaching a sort of “mentoring on steroids”.  You’ll learn essential life-coaching techniques, with the added benefit of Deborah’s personal intuitive connection.

A variety of course levels and price points are offered.

Mediumship: Private Group Sessions

A Private Group reading is for groups of 5-10 people who wish to communicate with a passed loved one in common.  Deborah recommends family-only, yet close friends may be included as well.  Sessions last a minimum of one hour and will be recorded.*

Please note: this is not individual mediumship readings for each person present.  It is simply a gathering of family/friends of a specific person who has passed on.  Think of it as having a seat at the table with your closest friends/family, along with the loved one who has passed.


*Due to COVID-19 concerns, most appointments are either via phone or Zoom/video call until further notice.

Mediumship: Private One-On-One Sessions

A Private One-on-One session is just that:  a personal appointment with you and Deborah.   These are one hour sessions, via phone.*  It is an opportunity for you to connect with loved ones who have passed on, and for Deborah to bring validation, certainty and assurance that your loved one is very much still present in your life.

Deborah will also honor your Intuitive Questions (“I.Q.”) about anything you’d like clarity on, including:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Children/Other family members
  • Your own life path

Sessions are recorded and given to you (and ONLY you) so you may go back and listen at any time.  You’d be surprised how much you forget or “miss” when you’re in the moment.  It’s always good to go back and re-listen to the recording to discover even more.


*Due to COVID-19 concerns, most appointments are via phone until further notice.


Galleries are ticketed events for the general public.  While not everyone in the audience is guaranteed a reading, everyone IS guaranteed an entertaining evening! Deborah’s quick wit and engaging presentation will have you laughing one moment and crying the next, but one thing’s for sure – no two Galleries are ever the same.

During Galleries, Deborah will be “drawn” to certain individuals from the audience and share the messages she receives.  Participants love to share the validations and often have their own fun stories to compliment the message.  In addition to sharing her views on the afterlife and experience with those who have passed over, Deborah is also passionate about empowering each attendee to see the signs our loved ones are always sending us.

Workshops / Webinars / Retreats

Deborah is passionate about teaching and sharing all she has learned and experienced.  She shares not only how to connect with your own loved ones, but also how to re-connect to yourself.  Deborah has designed a host of programs to address your own personal growth, knowledge and affinity to live the best life possible.

Whether you’re feeling “stuck” or want to maximize the best version of your true self, Deborah has a workshop, course or immersive retreat for you.*

*Many workshops and courses are available online. Due to COVID-19 concerns, retreats and in-person workshops and courses are on hold until further notice.



To request an appointment or more information, please email or call (845) 784-5390.

All services are for entertainment purposes only. If you are currently experiencing a particularly difficult time dealing with grief, loss or other traumatic events, please contact a mental health professional immediately.