Your Inaugural Day..

Daily Dose of Deborah
January 20, 2017
– How are YOU going to mark this day for yourself?
No. This post isn’t about politics AT ALL. It’s about YOU.
Here is what I do remember of Obama’s Inauguration – I was on a treadmill working really hard to lose the ‘baby weight’ from my littlest Caveboy (who was 3.. ) I was determined to get back to my ‘old self’ – my pre- mom days- when I was thin, fit and happy. I remember feeling oh so ugly in those days- I was very overweight and while I loved staying home wth my three babies, I was worn and drained. (As I feel all moms of several little babies are) I remember crying during his Inauguration- not so much for him, but for ME. As the country celebrated ‘Change’, I too, was taking on CHANGES in my own life. I was reconnecting to ME. I was changing my attitude and mindset from drained to exuberant! From feeling ugly to being beautiful (inside and out!) , from over eating, to enjoying and appreciating everything in front of me.
Yes, that Inauguration day was a marker in time for me. I can’t imagine myself feeling and being that way ever again.
I lost all the weight, I learned how to meditate, I learned to perfect my work, and I started to take risks. I got out of my comfort zone and CHANGED everything in my world. I got divorced! I went skydiving! (and have 5 times since!) I got my own home. I expanded my work. I made a name for myself and I started living completely on my terms. Sure , I lost a few family members along the way- my mom and sister decided to not support me in my changes. The two people I trusted the most couldn’t trust me to make good decisions. They were seeing the old ‘debbie’. The unsure, and sad Debbie. They have still yet to meet me now.
Why do I share this ? MAKE TODAY YOUR DAY. USE this historical day , not as a bone of contention. Use it for yourself to declare yourself the Chief Commanding Officer of your own life!
Change takes risk. It takes being okay with people dropping out of your life. It takes strength. It takes guts. It takes perseverance. It takes a commitment to your core self.
What is is that you need to change and upgrade in your life? How are you going to mark this day? Are you going to stay stuck in an old belief of your self? Or are you going to bring forth the REAL YOU?
Happy first day of the New YOU. Make YOURSELF Great again!