Ok Lamplighters….here we are!

This new year’s message is reserved for YOU because if you ‘follow’ me and have shown up to do the ‘work, then 2021 is for you!

Do not worry about ‘today’. Do not pressure yourself To DO the right actions. Or make the right changes. Or to set the right intentions for 2021.

Do not worry whether you will ‘stick to your resolutions’ or feel badly if you don’t want to make any. Do not waste your energy on overthinking or doing. Do not act as if you haven’t been working on you all along. Because You have, and it’s not going unnoticed.

YOU have been doing the work for months now. You have taken the hard steps to move yourself FORWARD.

You have learned. You have questioned. Dug deep. Showed up. And you have been doing the ‘work’.

You have passion and drive. Even if that presents right now as ‘wtf am I supposed to be doing with myself?’

Even if you feel lost, confused, uncertain. You are clear. And smart. And empathetic.


Sh*t got REAL at some point in your life and guess what? It didn’t destroy you. Instead. You started a SEARCH. You turned inward to work on YOU. You are the seekers. And cool news, you will always find what you are looking for.

You got real with yourself. Owned your sh*t and recognized your own ‘mistakes’. You tried using other vices and coping mechanisms and then… you realized, those don’t always work. Maybe you fixed them. Maybe you haven’t. But you certainly don’t use them to BLAME everything on. Sometimes we just f*ck up. Especially when life feels f*cked up.

You seek Truth and Light not only can you reap the rewards but so you can pass it on to others.

(How do I know this? Because you wouldn’t be on ‘my’ page if this didn’t describe you!)

You are the Lamplighters.

The forward thinkers. The Perfectly Imperfect. The Do-ers. The deep ones who want to get it ‘right’. The ones who AT LEAST TRIES to do better. To learn. To grow.

YOU ARE evolving. You are making a difference. Because you can’t UNLEARN what you have worked on. And once it’s within you, it shows up around you!

Let today be the entry way into the commitment to yourself to see yourself in THIS LIGHT. Take the time to BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE.

No longer do you need to self-deprecate or wonder how you went so wrong. No longer do you need to entertain the negative voice within (the a**hole brain!). No longer do you need to keep questioning your ability to make changes. No! You have proved all of that wrong!

Today is the day where you remind yourself ‘I’ve got this’. And when I don’t, I find help. I seek guidance and I do the work.’ THAT is who you are!

Continue to keep the promise to yourself that you will be truthful to yourself and those around you and that you stay focus on your integrity.

Last night and today (New Year’s Day) are the mark of a new psychological era for you. No longer do you need to compulsively dip back into the ‘story’ of your past. No longer do you need to wish things were different. No longer do you need to focus on lack and ‘what was’.

Today, you forge forward with Presence. With the energy of the NOW AND WHAT IS. This is where your inner Power resides. This is the space where all of Creation occurs. Own it. Claim it. See it. Feel it. Hear it. IT is YOU. The TRUE YOU.

Today marks the work and the commitment you have ALREADY STARTED on yourself.

Today is the celebration of YOU and all you have endured. Today is the day to reflect on the good you have spread and the experiences you have endured and triumphed.

Today is a day to celebrate and Appreciate the BEING that you are!

Today marks the end of the old and the beginning of the NOW.

You, my friends have made me INCREDIBLY grateful and hopeful. The world is filled with people just like you. People who recognize the need to remain Grateful and humble. To always be open to laugh at yourself and find humor in darkness.

Collectively, we ARE the ‘tipping point’ of energy. We are a large part of the global shift in awareness.

You are the energy of the now. You are the Lamplighters.

You don’t have to DO more of anything except. Please. Please, please, please. Promise me.


The world needs it.

Show up.

I love and adore each and every one of you. And I’m looking forward to 2021. We’ll do it TOGETHER.